TV & Film

My work in the industry started in scripted TV dramas and film (16mm and 35mm). This was perfect to learn the ropes not only within the camera department but also all the other integral departments that come together for form a production.

Moving from drama and film to live television in 2008 opened up a whole new world of TV and yet another skill set. Adding Jimmy Jib, Steadicam and gimbal work onto to jobs and travelling the world working on many different outside broadcasts.

Drama and Film includes:

​Carlton TV                            Peak Practice (16mm TV Drama)                Camera Department 

Eon Productions                   The World is Not Enough (35mm)               2nd Unit Camera Department

HBO                                      Band of Brothers (35mm)                            2nd Unit Camera Department 

Carlton TV                             Sweet Medicine (16mm TV Drama)            Camera Department

O3 Media                              UK Grind Skateboard Documentary            Producer/Director

O3 Media                              Multiple Music Videos                                  Camera Operator

The TV Company                 Junior Ready Steady Cook (Commercial)    Camera Department

Sound & Picture House        Evening Mail (Commercial)                          Camera Department

Randombird Productions      The Walled Garden (Short Film)                  Camera Operator

BBC                                      Dodger (CBBC Series)                                 Jib Operator

Outside Broadcast includes:

ITV                                       British Touring Cars                                     RF (Handheld) presentation camera

BT Sports                             Moto GP                                                      RF (Handheld) presentation camera

BBC / Sky                             FA Cup / PLP Football Match of the Day    Match camera and studio presentation camera

Racetech / Sky                     Horseracing                                                 Track camera and presentation camera

oXyFire Media                      Reminisce Music Festival                           Jimmy Jib operator

Channel 5                             Formula E (UK Presentation)                      RF (Handheld and Steadicam) presentation camera

Channel 4                             Hollyoaks Music Show                                Camera operator